Don’t let the cute puppet faces deceive you – Avenue Q is an outrageous musical for adults that has to be seen to be believed! To get an idea of what to expect, check out the videos below of various songs and performances from the musical.

The video below is footage from the musical Avenue Q, broadcast live to UK audiences on BBC’s Children in Need in 2006. The London cast of the show perform the entertaining song ‘It Sucks To Be Me’, that is featured in the musical.

The video below was a response to the Muppet’s version of We Will Rock You, as their puppet rivals released a version of the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody, which subsequently went on to be a contender in the 2010 Webby Awards. The New York cast of Avenue Q sings a medley of classic Queen songs, with a surprising ending!

This video is a hilarious interview with Trekkie Monster, a character in Avenue Q. Here, he discusses what he believes the internet is for, which inspired one of the songs from the hit musical, The Internet Is For Porn.

College graduate Princeton, a newcomer to the Avenue, talks about some of his neighbours in the video below, such as Kate Monster. He also voices his opinion on Andrew Lloyd Webber and gives his own impression of a ventriloquist!

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