Avenue Q has been highly popular with adults since its introduction to the West End in 2006. Below are some reviews from theatre critics so you can get an idea of what to expect when seeing the hilarious puppet musical of Avenue Q.

“The puppets are skilfully manipulated by actors, who are clearly visible and deliver the dialogue and songs. The odd thing is that you watch the puppets rather than the flesh and blood people operating them.”
Charles Spencer at the Daily Telegraph

“Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s infectiously irresistible score also offers a pastiche of a Judy Garland torch song (‘The More You Ruv Someone’) and a hauntingly melodic love ballad (‘There’s a Fine, Fine Line’) that makes this a real original. It is impossible not to fall in love with either the show or the cast of humans and puppets.”
Mark Shenton at the BBC

“An outrageously funny musical for the iPod generation. Cross Sesame Street with the Muppet Show, give it an X rating and slap on a Government Health Warning that too much laughter can make your sides ache and you’ve got Avenue Q. A must see.”
Radio 2

“Witty, catchy & darn charming. One of this summers most desirable addresses.”
Fiona Mountford at the Evening Standard

“A hip, happening, adult puppet musical with a difference.”
Mark Shenton at the Sunday Express

“X-rated Sesame Street with a hint of Friends. It’s brash, vulgar, puerile, sometimes downright obscene, and I loved every minute of it”
Christopher Hart at the Sunday Times

“It’s not every show that manages to be tongue-in-cheek and hand-on-heart”
Paul Taylor at the Independent

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  1. Rosa Higgs says:

    I love Avenue Q! I saw it in August 2010 and I am hooked! I saw it again in the tour in 2011 and I still don’t tired of it even though I always listen to the album. It was amazing how the puppets were so effective. I met the tour cast afterwards and I was so inspired by them. Thankyou for introducing me to a whole new amazing style of musical!

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